Which 2nd Year Quarterback Has the Best Chance of Winning MVP?

The previous two years in the NFL the MVP award was given to a player that nobody expected, in 2018 there wasn’t a soul in sports media that could have predicted that the hardware would have been awarded to the sophomore quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In 2019, the streak continued, Lamar Jackson, once again a sophomore quarterback that nobody saw coming, took home the MVP trophy. If this streak was to continue who would be the most likely to explode on to the scene and win Pro Football’s greatest individual award?

5. Gardner Minshew. Minshew had the opportunity to show his talent when Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles went down with a collarbone injury. The Jacksonville Jaguars had high hopes coming into the season with a squad that had recently found themselves in the AFC Championship. The narrative was that they were just a quarterback away. After acquiring a proven leader from previous Super Bowl Champions they felt they could potentially reach the biggest stage. After those hopes were dashed by injuries their hopes rested upon a backup quarterback out of Washington State that nobody really knew much about.

After a decent year but nothing miraculous, he falls to number five on my list of second year quarterbacks that could potentially win the MVP. To win this award your team has to win and this just does not seem like a plausible option as the narrative going into 2020 is that the Jaguars are in rebuilding mode or others might call it, “Tanking for Trevor.” Although Minshew is not a bad quarterback, he is short on offensive weapons and opportunities to prove his worth in the future.

4. Dwayne Haskins. Haskins was unlike MInshew in that he had a lot of pressure riding on his shoulders going into the 2019 season. After an explosive year as a the Buckeye quarterback over at Ohio State he was scene as a star that could be a franchise quarterback. After a season of only completing under 60% of his passes and matching his touchdown total with his interception total, his first rookie season was certainly underwhelming. After rumors of the Redskins taking a quarterback with the second pick in the draft, it became clear that the narrative was that the Redskins do not see Haskins as their quarterback of the future.

Haskins ranks higher than Minshew because the Redskins are further along the rebuilding process and have a new and exciting coach in Ron Rivera. Although the Redskins have a decent roster they are not overflowing with weapons on the perimeter. With a hefty running back room, and halfway decent wide outs they may be a piece away from a respectable offense.

3. Daniel Jones. We all can remember the moment when the New York Giants shocked the world and selected Daniel Jones with the sixth pick in the draft out of Duke. When the Giants finally decided to give Jones a try he exploded out of the gate and was an exciting player to watch. Eventually he came back down to earth and was respectable, but not spectacular. Jones acquired a mere 87.7 QBR and led the New York Football Giants to a 4-12 record.

Much like the Redskins it seems as if they are on the right side of a rebuild and with a new coach in the office, there is hope in the future. But, it seems as if they are a couple years away. Daniel Jones seems to have played well enough to avoid the bust narrative, but hasn’t exactly turned heads. With a new coach and a new year could he be the one that takes this next season by storm?

2. Drew Lock. Since the retirement of Peyton Manning it seems as if GM John Elway has had a difficult time nailing down a formidable quarterback for the Denver football team. From Trevor Siemien to Joe Flacco it seems as if his judgment has been a tad flawed. Those days look to be coming to an end. Has Elway finally found the heir to Manning? The answer is yes. Lock put up historical numbers at Missouri and it looks like his style of play will mesh perfectly with the pro style.

In the five games that Lock started in, the Broncos went 4-1. Lock is overflowing with confidence and now has an arsenal of weapons to throw to. Somehow Jerry Juedy fell to Denver in the draft to join Courtland Sutton and future star at tight end Noah Fant. There is no question that the Broncos are a team that has a talent and has the potential to make some noise behind their new stud quarterback Drew Lock. Could it be Lock that takes home the trophy?

  1. Kyler Murray. Murray truly came into the NFL with large amounts of pressure like most first round picks do. With a lot of questions marks including their new coach that came from Texas Tech without a winning record. And an old running back and wide receiver it seemed like it could have been a difficult introduction into the league. Murray proved to fit in just fine and brought the Cardinals to a 5-10-1 record in the toughest division and football.

In 2020, Murray and the Cardinals are expected to be superior and could potentially take the leap to be a productive team. With the addition of DeAndre Hopkins the Cardinals will have two of the best wide receivers of all time on their roster at the same time. Granted Fitzgerald is seasoned and most likely will be playing his last year in 2020. To me Kyler Murray feels like the safest bet to be the most productive quarterback in their sophomore season.

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