Top 15 Beards in Sports

In the world of sports we have seen a large spectrum of various fashion statements. From Russell Westbrook’s unique outfits, to Troy Polamalu’s luscious locks. Some of the most intimating and fun statements are shown in the way of facial hair. See if your favorite bearded athlete makes the cut.

15. Joe Thornton. It may look like it has not been washed in a quarter century, but it provides a rugged look in a rugged sport; so it fits.

14. Andrew Luck. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that Andrew Luck’s beard is all that appealing, or even that he pulls it off, but his ‘neard’ has been the origin of a lot of jokes and memes, and sure fits in perfectly with his hilarious yet humble personality. The Civil War General look is unique and fun, and perfect for socks and sandals wearing Andrew Luck.

13. LeBron James. James isn’t really known for his beard, but in his years back in Cleveland he has began to grow it out and it actually fits him really well. During quarantine he has really let it go, though it makes him look quite a bit older, his Kimbo Slice-esque beard makes him look more rugged and intimating then smooth hairless faced LeBron.

12. Ed Reed. Reed seems to really pull off the ‘touch of gray’ look and his beard is just long enough before it starts to get out of control. One of the best safeties to grace a football field, also has one of the best beard as well.

11. Brent Burns. The gnarly beard, paired with the absence of teeth makes Burns the perfect face of hockey. He looks grizzled and unique, ready to plow into anyone in his path. His beard is a thing of beauty, but not quite good enough to crack the top ten.

10. Justin Turner. The ginger beard had to make the top ten, though it is a little out of control and not as well kept as some in the top of the list, it is still one of the best beard in baseball and brings some swagger to the sport. It is clear that Turner’s beard is one of the greatest ginger beards in history.

9. Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel’s luscious beard seems to be the perfect ratio of bushy and well kept. Though, his beard is not one of the most famous around, he is truly a “dark horse” in this debate.

8. Kimbo Slice. One of the most feared beards in the sports universe, due to the mountain of a man that owned it and the severe pain that could follow by coming into contact with it, Slice’s facial hair will go down as one of the best ever.

7. Charles Blackmon. Another “dark horse” that might slip the minds of some people thinking of best beards in sports. Blackmon wears his beard with pride and drips with swag every time he approaches the plate. He does more than pull it off, he makes it cool.

6. Eric Weddle. One of two former Raven’s safeties to make the list. Weddle’s beard may have been short lived, but boy at it’s peak it was one of the best sports had ever seen. Not sure how a beard like that fits with a chinstrap, but he made it work.

5. Ryan Fitzpatrick. I mean come on, just look at the picture above. The combination of the chain, beard, and sunglasses boosts Fitz into the top five. Ryan Fitzpatrick may not be a top 15 quarterback (not even close), but he most certainly has a top 15 beard.

4. Jayson Werth. With Werth you cannot just look at the beard alone, it is the combination of majestic wavy locks and a crisp testosterone filled beard that makes it high on the list. There is something about that look and a baseball uniform, that makes the whole thing look like something out of a superhero comic.

3. James Harden. Duh. Harden has one of the most iconic beards in history, not just sports. It would be a fallacy to snub him off the list. After all, his nickname is “the Beard.” Harden is one of the best offensive basketball player to play the game and his beard only makes him more enjoyable to watch on the court.

2. Brett Keisel. The man. The myth. The legend. Keisel had an excellent career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but the legend he left behind didn’t have much to do with football. He will forever be remembered for one of the best beards of all time. Although it may long and rugged, it fit him perfectly. It is also the most intimating on this list. I wouldn’t want to be an offensive lineman lining up across from this Viking of a man. If you look up the definition of man in the dictionary, it has a picture of Brett Keisel.

  1. Brian Wilson. It is clear that baseball was well represented on this list but Wilson’s beard takes the cake. In fact it might be the best beard I have ever seen. When I imagine the perfect beard, I think of what has grown on this man’s face. It has the perfect ratio of bushy and clean, and is an intimating dark black that is almost poetic. It is hard to argue that Wilson’s is the GOAT of sports beards.

Published by Jeff Tuckett

I reside in a small town in Southern Utah with my wonderful wife. I enjoy sports and everything that comes with it and love to share my insights and opinions.

One thought on “Top 15 Beards in Sports

  1. So…even before the pandemic, I’ve been noticing over the past decade or so that beards have become more and more common among pro athletes. Why is that? Just fashion? If you look at the US Presidents, there was a long streak at the beginning with no beards. Then, almost all of them had beards and/or mustaches. Then — back to no facial hair.


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