Top 30 DL/DE Going into Next Season 1-10

Siosefa Brown


The BYU commit is an underrated player in the state of Utah. Brown has excellent size at 6’5 205. His height allows him to use his leverage and get around tackles with ease. For being the giant that he is, he is quick and explosive. As you would imagine, Brown is also an outstanding receiver. He makes the quarterback’s life easy, all the QB has to do is throw up jump balls and Brown will leap up and grab them. He will be an important asset to Highland’s success this upcoming season. The Rams should take a significant leap forward.

Deshawn Toilolo


Toilolo has a bright future at the next level. He was only a sophomore last season and burst on the scene with authority. He had four sacks in the super league that was Region 4. Toilolo is an extremely hard worker. He is a gym rat and makes it a priority to attend every event and camp that is being held. He is confident in his abilities and will gladly demonstrate his talent to whoever is willing to give him a look. Toilolo has what it takes to be an impact player at the next level. You will see him playing on Saturdays.

Alvin Puefua


Puefua is a player that has seemed to come out of nowhere, at least to us. Not sure how we missed him for so long, but once he was on our radar, he shot up our rankings. The kid can play. Puefua is a large young man at 6’5 310 pounds. He is the last person you would want to see lined up opposite of you. Puefua is taking his talents to West High next season, which seems to be a trend in Utah. West appears to have a knack for attracting collegiate talent and helping them get recruited. Puefua has received a plethora of offers from PAC-12 and Mountain West schools.

Taylor Higham


Higham is a beast for the Sentinels. He has a motor that won’t quit, and he can make game-altering plays every Friday. Higham needs to be looked at by scouts more seriously. He should have offers pouring in at this point. He is still young and hopefully will prove yet again that he can be a difference-maker. Higham was only a sophomore last year and tallied up a whopping 13 sacks. He is part of a Mountain Ridge Team that is the number one dark horse to make some noise in the postseason come November.

Kinilau Fonohema


The Springville defense is going to be a problem this next season. They are returning starters at every level, and there are stars scattered across the field. Fonohema is one of the best among them. He was part of the 10+ sack club last year. He is a towering 6’4 and weighs over 200 pounds. Fonohema is the definition of athleticism, and when you combine that with his size you get a freak of nature. Fonohema has been looked at by the local D1 schools, but no decisions have been made. He is a player to watch this next season.

Ephraim Asiata


He is back. Asiata was involved in a terrible gunshot incident. Luckily, he has recovered and is back to show us once again that he can play with anyone in the state. Before his injuries he was looking to be one of the best edge rush prospects in the state. I have no doubt that he will return to that level of play immediately. He trains hard and has all the tools to play Saturday ball. He will make Hunter much better than they were the previous season. He is aggressive and almost malicious in the way he attacks on every snap. He can change the outcome of games.

Devoux Tuataga


Tuataga has escaped our attention for far too long. He should be talked about far more often. Cedar Valley has a hidden (not so hidden anymore) gem that is an astounding athletic phenomenon. Like many players on this list Tuataga has college level size at 6’6 and has seemed to have mastered the fundamentals of the pass rush. He has offers from many of the high end PAC-12 schools and is undecided as to which one to attend. He is loyal to his school and community and will make the Aviators a contender. His value knows no limits. You’ll hear Tuataga’s name again.

Ian Mariner


Mariner is a man among boys to the point that it isn’t really fair. He consumes double teams and still seems to make the tackle for loss. His strength is generational and he does it against the most talented lineman in the state. Mariner was key to the Falcon’s championship win and could very well lead them to a second one. At 275 points he is a chore to move and has the potential to play in any interior line in the country. He will certainly be receiving even more offers in the coming months.

Dallin Johnson


Johnson is deserving of one of the top spots on this list. He has been consistently dominant year in and year out. He has been fully committed to BYU for awhile now and will give them a big boost on their defensive line when the time comes. Until then he will help the Red Devils make a deep playoff run next season and hopefully even win a ring. Johnson is a giant and built like a tank. Blocking him is like trying to stop a freight train. Johnson will be a name you will hear a lot of if you’re a Cougar fan.

Kash Dillon


Last but certainly not least. Kash Dillon. Dillon is a generational talent at the edge position and still hasn’t reached his full potential. He seems to keep growing and is getting stronger every day. His ceiling still isn’t even entirely clear at this point. Not only could you see him on Saturdays, but perhaps even on Sundays, he is that good. Recently, he has been leaning towards committing to the University of Utah but is not entirely committed quite yet. I am sure that other tempting offers will be coming his way soon. Perhaps even SEC offers. Corner Canyon has what looks like an “All-Star” team assembled in Draper and is likely to appear in the title game yet again.

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