Top 10 LBs Going into Next Season 3A-1A

Matt Olsen NUMBER 10: MATT OLSEN – EMERY Olsen was an integral part of an exciting playoff run for Emery. He was the captain of the Spartan defense. He received an all-state nod and was a tackling machine. If Olsen managed to get his hands on you, that would be the end of the play….

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One response to “Top 10 LBs Going into Next Season 3A-1A”

  1. Bennett is an absolute unit. Will have another huge year and will be the heart and soul of the defense.

    Keep an eye out for Jordan Duke and Jake Ivins of San Juan.

    Duke was averaging just shy of 8 tackles a game before going down with an ACL tear in week 4 last year. I believe he would have ended the season with 100 tackles had he not gotten injured.

    Ivins the sophmore stepped up big last year. It took him several weeks to figure it out but by the end of the season he was a force. Last four games of the year he averaged 11 tackles a game.