Helaman Casuga


The Timpview Thunderbirds are poised to make another run at the state championship this season, building upon the success they had in the previous year. Despite falling just short of the title, they have retained a at remarkable group of young star players in key positions. Leading the charge is quarterback Helaman Casuga, a standout talent who has already attracted attention from top-tier programs such as USC. Casuga’s untapped potential makes him a force to be reckoned with, and his presence under center gives Timpview a significant advantage. While they will miss the contributions of star tailback Micah Beckstead, Timpview has consistently showcased their ability to regenerate talent, ensuring their offensive backfield remains potent.

Moreover, their wide receiver corps, consisting of Tei Nacua and the Pula twins, is widely regarded as the best in Utah, posing a significant challenge for opposing defenses. On the defensive side, the Thunderbirds bring back defensive standouts Paka Haunga, Jake Rust, and Aisa Galeai, further solidifying their overall strength. Another defender to watch is outside linebacker Matthias Lesa. Lesa will be a household name at Timpview when his high school career has concluded. With an impressive roster and a well-rounded team, the Timpview Thunderbirds emerge as favorites to return to the state championship and vie for the coveted title once again.

Isaiah Suesue
PC: Coy Johnson


Get ready for an exhilarating season at West High as the Panthers continue to dominate the field with their strong inning culture. The team’s reputation has spread far and wide, attracting talented players from all over. Leading the charge once again is quarterback Isaiah Suesue, who showcased his skills both in the air and on the ground last season. With an outstanding offensive line and the addition of running back transfer Kelvan Maleapei from Woods Cross, the Panthers’ ground game is set to be formidable. On the defensive side, the team boasts a multitude of potential D1 athletes on the line, including standout transfer Alvin Puefua. With this talented roster, West High is poised to be a true contender and remains one of the top-tier 5A programs. Prepare for an electrifying season as the Panthers strive for greatness on the gridiron.

Lance Reynolds III


Prepare for an exciting season ahead as the Orem Tigers aim to build on their deep postseason run from last year. Despite facing some inexperience, they showcased their capabilities and now return with a vengeance. Led by star quarterback Lance Reynolds III, who proved his mettle on the field, the Tigers have a strong offensive foundation. The return of Mack Hixson, their star running back who overcame injury, adds another dynamic element to their offense. Additionally, they possess a true gem in tight end hybrid Roger Saleapaga, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest weapons in the state.

On the defensive side, the Tigers may have lost some key starters, but they are fortunate to have the talents of defensive back Dallin Heal, who is poised to make a significant leap forward. Jiovani Kenese, a formidable edge rusher, adds further strength to their defensive unit.

With this talented roster and the hunger to prove themselves, the Tigers are expected to be a force to be reckoned with throughout the season. They have the potential to make a deep run in the postseason once again, ensuring thrilling and competitive matchups along the way. Keep a close eye on the Orem Tigers as they strive for success and aim to etch their name among the elite in their quest for glory.


Get ready for an extraordinary season as the Alta Hawks gear up to make a lasting impact on the field. With the return of quarterback Matt Mckea, the Hawks have a leader who has the potential to reach new heights. If he taps into his full potential, the team’s prospects will soar. Adding to the excitement is the presence of Jaxon Toala, a thrilling pass catcher with limitless potential. Toala’s athleticism sets him apart and promises breathtaking plays throughout the season.

In the running game, the Hawks boast an imposing offensive line, capable of dominating the trenches. Anthony Cottis, the running back entrusted with carrying the ball, adds another dimension to their formidable ground attack. With a potent combination of power and finesse, the Hawks’ running game will be a force to be reckoned with.

Defensively, the Hawks bring back key playmakers who are set to leave a lasting impact. Linebacker Abe Jager’s presence provides stability and leadership, while edge rushers Garrett Jessop and Tony Vainuku bring an explosive burst off the line. Another addition is Highland transfer Peizge Mailei who is bound to take the Hawks to the next level. Their ability to disrupt opposing offenses will keep the Hawks in contention throughout the season.

With a roster filled with exceptional talent and a sense of excitement in the air, the Alta Hawks are undoubtedly one of the most thrilling teams to watch in the upcoming season. As they strive for greatness and seek to make their mark, expect a display of skill, passion, and determination on the field. Be prepared to witness a team destined for greatness as the stars align for an unforgettable season with the Alta Hawks.

Tevita Valeti


Get ready for an exciting season with the Springville Red Devils as they build on their above-average performance from last year. While they may have lost their quarterback, who has taken his talents to BYU, the team returns with key players who are set to make a significant impact. One standout is star running back Tevita Valeti, a force to be reckoned with on the field. Known for his power and elusive running style, Valeti is a workhorse who will be playing D1 ball and is notoriously difficult to bring down.

The Red Devils boast a formidable line on both sides of the ball, led by BYU commit Dallin Johnson. With Johnson anchoring the line, the team gains strength and stability. Luke Nadauld is another standout player who excels on both offense and defense, making him a valuable weapon for the Red Devils. Nadauld’s versatility and playmaking abilities will contribute to the team’s success.

To add to their strengths, Springville welcomes back star edge rusher Kinilau Fonohema. With Fonohema’s relentless pursuit of opposing quarterbacks, the Red Devils’ defense gains a potent weapon who will wreak havoc on the field.

Overall, Springville has all the ingredients to be a formidable team and contend for a top spot. With a strong running game, a dominant line, and playmakers on both sides of the ball, the Red Devils have the potential to make a deep run and establish themselves as one of the last teams standing. Get ready to witness a season filled with exciting moments and a relentless pursuit of success from the Springville Red Devils.

Luke Bryant


Get ready for an exhilarating season with the Olympus Titans as they aim to build on their deep playoff run from last year. With a young team gaining valuable experience, the stage is set for a fantastic follow-up season. Led by quarterback Chase Mosley, the Titans’ signal caller is poised to make a significant leap in his play, demonstrating his growth and potential on the field. On the ground, they boast a superb ball carrier in Nic Brown, adding another dimension to their offense.

In terms of weapons, Mosley has the privilege of working alongside one of the very best in Luke Bryant. Bryant’s exceptional athleticism allows him to make a significant impact on both offense and defense, making him a versatile and formidable threat on the field.

Defensively, the Titans bring back key playmakers who will make their presence known. Nash Taylor, a star defensive back, adds stability and skill to their secondary, while Gabe Johnson excels as an edge rusher, disrupting opposing offenses with his relentless pursuit of the quarterback. Additionally, the team benefits from the presence of top-tier linebacker Wes Olsen, who anchors their defensive unit.

With a talented roster and a hunger for success, the Olympus Titans will prove to be a tough opponent for any team they face. Their collective skills, coupled with their experience from last season, make them a legitimate contender and a team that has the potential to compete for a title. Be prepared for exciting matchups and thrilling moments as the Titans strive to etch their name among the best in their pursuit of championship glory.

Jack Johnson


The Brighton Bengals are primed for an exciting season ahead, led by their immensely talented quarterback, Jack Johnson. Johnson’s ability to sling the ball with precision and effectiveness makes him one of the best signal callers in the state. As long as he remains at the helm, Brighton will be a serious contender on the field. However, they will feel the absence of tailback Kace Gurr, who played a significant role in their offensive scheme. Fortunately, Johnson’s most potent weapon, Nash Matheson, returns to provide explosive plays and playmaking ability. Defensively, the Bengals boast a formidable duo of freakishly talented linebackers in Miles Morgan and Jarom Tapusoa, who are sure to disrupt opposing offenses. In addition, the team can rely on the skills of an underrated safety in Dylan Thomas. With a talented roster overall, the Brighton Bengals have the potential to contend for a championship this season.

Landon Figueroa


Get ready for an exciting season as the Granger Lancers set their sights on contention for a championship. After showing signs of excellence last year with a .500 record, the drop from 6A to 5A has provided them with a golden opportunity to make a significant impact.

The biggest reason for their championship aspirations lies in the transfer of quarterback Carson Suesue from California. Widely regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the state, Suesue brings a wealth of talent and experience to the team. His arrival will undoubtedly elevate the Lancers’ offense to new heights. With weapons like Landon Figueroa and the addition of transfer Benson Kofe, the Lancers’ receiving corps is set to make big plays and create headaches for opposing defenses. On the offensive line, the immediate impact of Benson Kofe will be a game-changer.

Additionally, the Lancers have the luxury of having running back Chevas Gregory back on the offensive side of the ball, adding another dimension to their attack. Gregory’s skills and versatility make him a formidable threat that opposing defenses will struggle to contain.

Defensively, the Lancers face the challenge of replacing key tacklers from last season. However, they possess a formidable defensive line that includes edge rushers Mason Kasitati and Noa Santiago. These dynamic playmakers are expected to take their game to another level, wreaking havoc on quarterbacks and disrupting opposing offenses.

As the Granger Lancers take the field, expect an exciting and competitive season. With a star quarterback, explosive offensive weapons, and a dynamic defensive line, they have the ingredients to contend for a championship. Keep an eye on this resilient team as they aim to make their mark and create a lasting impression in their pursuit of success.

Dax Sumko


Get ready for another thrilling season as the Box Elder Bees buzz onto the gridiron with high expectations. Last season, they surprised everyone with a deep playoff run and came close to toppling the reigning state champions. The excitement they generated is set to continue this year, as the Bees are well-positioned for another successful campaign.

Leading the charge is their excellent game manager and athlete, quarterback Ryan Griffin. His ability to control the game and make crucial plays will be instrumental in the team’s success. Griffin will have the luxury of handing the ball off to one of the best backs in the state, Dax Sumko, whose skill and explosiveness make him a constant threat. Alongside Sumko, the dynamic duo of Mason Jeppsen and his fantastic tackling abilities will provide additional firepower on both offense and defense.

Defensively, the Bees possess a star edge rusher in Brock Bissegger. His knack for getting to the quarterback will keep opposing offenses on their toes and disrupt their game plans. With a strong presence on the defensive line, the Bees have the ability to control the line of scrimmage and put pressure on opposing quarterbacks.

As the Box Elder Bees take flight, expect a thrilling and competitive season. Their impressive playoff run from last year has set the stage for continued success, and fans can look forward to exciting moments on both sides of the ball. The Bees are poised to make their mark and contend for the ultimate prize in their pursuit of a championship.

Vaka Patetefa


Get ready for a season of hard-nosed, smash-mouth football as the East High Leopards take the field. Known for their aggressive rushing attack, the Leopards have built a reputation as a formidable force on the gridiron. While they bid farewell to a generational talent in Amini Amone, they still boast an impressive stable of running backs in Siona Vailahi and Nunu Fonua, ensuring their rushing game remains a force to be reckoned with. Defenses will still have their hands full against the Leopards.

On the defensive side, the Leopards have a standout player in edge rusher Papa Maletau. His presence on the field is sure to cause havoc for opposing offenses, and many believe he is on the cusp of a breakout season. Alongside Maletau, the return of linebacker Sam Tuai adds another dimension of strength to their defensive unit. With these key players in place, the Leopards’ defense looks poised to maintain its formidable reputation.

Despite the loss of a talented running back, East High is well-positioned to continue their success from last season. Furthermore, the return of Siona Vailahi from injury adds an additional boost to the team. With their physical style of play and a roster that remains strong, the Leopards are unlikely to take a step back.

As the East High Leopards take to the field, expect them to embody their signature brand of hard-hitting football. With a strong rushing attack and a defense anchored by standout players, they are set to compete at a high level. Don’t underestimate the Leopards as they seek to build on their success and make their mark on the season ahead.

DaeQwan Snider


Get ready for a season of excitement as the Roy Royals take the field with the potential for a breakout year. The stars are aligning, and the stage is set for them to make their mark on the gridiron. With key returning players and a talented roster, the Royals are poised to make waves.

Leading the charge is their ever-improving quarterback, Dru Gardner, whose growth and development promise to elevate the team’s offense to new heights. Alongside Gardner, the Royals boast the dynamic and electrifying running back, DaeQwan Snider, who is sure to keep opposing defenses on their toes. With weapons like Robert Young in the mix, the Roy offense promises to deliver an exciting brand of football that fans won’t want to miss.

Defensively, the Royals have reason to be optimistic. The return of Corben Schuffenhauer, Jake Viers, and Kahekili Eleneke in the backfield provides a solid foundation for their defense. With their combined skills, the Royals boast one of the most formidable secondaries in the state, capable of shutting down opposing passing attacks.

As the Royals embark on this exciting journey, expectations are high, and the stage is set for a thrilling season. Watch out for the Roy Royals as they strive to make their mark and showcase their talent on both sides of the ball. This could indeed be an unforgettable and exhilarating season for the Royals and their fans alike.

Jonah Suliafu


Get ready for an electrifying season with the Woods Cross Wildcats! After a remarkable performance last year, the Wildcats have emerged as a force to be reckoned with. With talent spread across the field, it’s truly exciting to see what they will bring to the table in the upcoming season.

Building upon their success, Woods Cross now possesses valuable experience, and the possibilities are endless. Led by their returning quarterback, Lock Smoot, the Wildcats have a strong offensive foundation. Adding to their firepower are the dynamic running backs Cash Henderson and Jacob Howes, who often fly under the radar despite being two of the most underrated ball carriers in the state. The Wildcats’ smash-mouth, physical style of offense will undoubtedly wear down opposing defenses.

Defensively, Woods Cross boasts an exceptional linebacker duo in Charlie Coats and Cash Henderson, bringing both skill and intensity to the field. The Wildcats will heavily rely on their efforts to anchor the defensive unit. The contributions of defensive linemen Jonah Suliafu and Clarence Pututau will also be instrumental in any deep playoff run. Additionally, the return of defensive back Carter Freestone further bolsters the team’s defensive prowess.

The culture at Woods Cross has undergone a positive transformation, and it’s evident in their performance. With the changes happening swiftly, it’s difficult to count them out when it comes to contention. The Wildcats have the potential to make a significant impact and surprise many on their path to success. Get ready for an exhilarating season as Woods Cross showcases their tenacity, skill, and determination. Don’t miss out on witnessing their journey as they strive for greatness.


Get ready for a season of mystery and potential as the Wasatch Wasps take to the field once again. Despite a losing record last year, they proved their mettle with an impressive playoff run that showcased their ability to peak at the right time. However, one recurring challenge for the team has been retaining their top-tier athletes, leading to uncertainties this season.

The loss of graduates and star defensive back Tavian Edwards, who transferred to Skyridge, will undoubtedly be felt. But fear not, as the Wasps have a saving grace in the form of their electrifying quarterback, Mack Kelson. Regarded as one of the most exciting quarterbacks in the state, Kelson’s return is bound to inject a spark into the team.

While the departures of key players like Chris Cook and Crew Erickson will be felt, Wasatch has a group of promising young athletes who are poised to step up and fill the void. Though they may be a couple of seasons away from their true potential, the team’s youthful roster carries a wealth of talent that cannot be ignored.

The upcoming season for the Wasatch Wasps is shrouded in uncertainty, yet ripe with the promise of a bright future. With a combination of experienced leaders and emerging talents, they have the ingredients for success. Watch out for their young stars as they strive to make their mark on the gridiron and forge a path towards greatness.

Jaxon Johnson


The Bonneville Lakers enter the upcoming season with a solid foundation and high hopes for improvement. With six wins last season, the Lakers demonstrated their above-average capabilities, especially considering their youthful roster. This year, they are poised to take a step forward. Bonneville boasts a strong team culture and the return of numerous starters. Offensively, dual-threat quarterback Jaxon Johnson leads the charge, capable of making big plays through the air and on the ground. Additionally, the Lakers have a talented running back in Tifaga Havili and a range of weapons for Johnson to utilize, including Isaac Mansaray and Max Diaz. On the defensive side, the Lakers bring back key players like defensive lineman Case Wayman and linebacker Adam DeMille. Notably, their often underrated front seven on the defensive line adds depth and strength to the team. Overall, the Lakers are expected to be better than average, but whether they can contend for championships remains to be seen. With their solid core and a drive for improvement, the Bonneville Lakers are ready to make their mark on the upcoming season.

Faletau Satuala


Get ready for an intense season with the Bountiful Redhawks! Last year, they showcased a fantastic display of old-school football, dominating the field with a suffocating rushing attack and a fierce, hard-hitting defense. However, it’s not surprising to speculate that they might face some challenges in the upcoming season.

The Redhawks bid farewell to their quarterback and a number of talented ball carriers, which may result in a slight setback. Nonetheless, they have a shining star in Faletau Satuala, who is widely regarded as one of the best athletes in the state. Satuala’s exceptional skills as a receiver and his prowess as a defensive back make him a game-changer for the Redhawks.

To contend for the title, Bountiful will heavily rely on young players stepping up to the plate. However, the team does possess some experienced athletes who will play crucial roles. Keep an eye on standout linebackers Jacob Brooks and Brigham Morrison, who will undoubtedly prove to be valuable assets on the defensive side of the ball. Additionally, Britton Tidwell brings his unique talents to the table, further enhancing the team’s overall performance.

While the Redhawks may face some challenges, they still have a strong core of experienced athletes. The question remains whether their collective effort will be enough to reach the pinnacle of success. With their hard-hitting style and the talent they possess, Bountiful is sure to provide exhilarating moments on the field. Don’t miss out on the action as the Redhawks strive to overcome obstacles and pursue their championship aspirations.

Trey Price


Get ready for another exciting season with the Viewmont Vikings as they aim to replicate their impressive performance from last year. While they may have lost their star hybrid quarterback, Luke Jacob’s, the team is brimming with talented athletes who are eager to step up and seize their opportunities. The Vikings have proven that they have what it takes to surprise their opponents and capture the attention of fans.

One player to watch out for is Kingston Mickens, a dynamic weapon who shines on both offense and defense. Mickens brings an electrifying element to the game and is poised to make a significant impact for the Vikings. Additionally, the team benefits from the return of star lineman Trey Price, whose presence adds strength and stability to both sides of the ball.

Defensively, safety Daren Tovey is primed for a breakout season, showing significant improvement in his play. His heightened performance will be key in bolstering the Vikings’ defensive unit and contributing to their success on the field.

While the Vikings may not be immediate contenders for a title, they are far from being a weak team. With their talented roster and Coach Jones at the helm, they will continue to field a competitive squad that will challenge their opponents. Viewmont may be a season away from reaching true contention, but their commitment to excellence and the excitement they bring to the game will make them an entertaining team to watch this season.

Be prepared for thrilling moments and the emergence of new stars as the Viewmont Vikings showcase their abilities and strive to make their mark in the league once again.

Dimitri Lovio


Get ready for an intriguing season at West Jordan! The Jaguars had a better-than-average performance last year, showcasing their talented athletes who provided thrilling moments on the field. However, this season presents some challenges as they transition from 6A to 5A and face the departure of several key starters due to graduation.

With the graduation of their quarterback and the departure of standout athlete Jerome Myles, the Jaguars find themselves in a phase of redevelopment, relying on younger players to step up and fill crucial roles. Although these changes pose a challenge, West Jordan has a potential star in running back Dameon Crosby, whose skills have the potential to make a significant impact on the team’s offense.

Defensively, the Jaguars can rely on the talents of Dimitri Lovio, one of the state’s top defensive backs. With his ability to shut down half of the field, Lovio brings a strong presence to the secondary. Additionally, West Jordan boasts an impressive linebacker in Quinton Tulau, whose contributions will be instrumental in bolstering the team’s defensive efforts. Keep an eye on Ikani Maka, an underrated edge rusher who has the potential to disrupt opposing offenses.

While the Jaguars may be a few pieces away from being contenders, the return of talented players and the development of younger athletes bode well for their future. With perseverance and growth, West Jordan has the potential to rise to the occasion and make a name for themselves in the coming seasons. Stay tuned to witness the Jaguars’ journey as they strive to become contenders in the competitive world of high school football.

Jaxon Fresques


Get ready for an exciting season at Northridge High! After a less-than-stellar performance last year, the Knights are determined to bounce back stronger. Despite the absence of their quarterback, the team boasts a formidable arsenal of offensive weapons. With stud tight end Zach Smith and rising star receivers Jaxon Fresques and Malu Lumpkins, the Knights’ receiving corps is regarded as one of the best in the state. Their prowess will surely keep opposing defenses on their toes.

While the team has gained experience and depth, contending for the championship might still be a year away. However, the improvements in their offensive and defensive units suggest a bright future for the Knights. Keep an eye on Northridge High this season as they aim to make a resounding statement on their journey to becoming contenders in the near future.

Ryan Talo


There’s a sense of excitement and change brewing in Kearns as the Cougars look to rebound from a challenging season. Despite only securing two wins last year, the Cougars have caught our attention and earned a notable spot on our list. The primary reason for their struggles was the team’s inexperience, but this year, they return athletes in key positions, providing a strong foundation for improvement. Bryce Benson will be back at quarterback, and with dedicated off-season training, he is expected to elevate his performance. Additionally, Kymani Fauatea, an underrated running back, will continue to make significant contributions to the team’s offense. Defensively, the progress shown by Ryan Talo year after year is remarkable, and he is poised to reach his peak as a tremendous edge-rushing linebacker. Lione Hola adds another valuable piece to the defensive unit. Not to be overlooked, the offensive line is an underrated group that, with gained experience, has the potential to become one of the best in the state. Last season was an anomaly for the Kearns Cougars, and they are determined to return to their winning ways. With the necessary improvements and a renewed sense of purpose, expect the Cougars to rack up wins and make their mark once again.


The Cedar Valley Aviators enter the new season with high hopes after a strong performance last year. Despite being underrated throughout the previous season, the Aviators proved their mettle and showcased talent across every position on the field. However, this season presents new challenges as they face the departure of a phenomenal quarterback and running back duo, along with crucial defensive players. The absence of players like Taygen Hansen and Clayson Jakins will undoubtedly be felt. On the bright side, the Aviators can rely on the exceptional skills of Devoux Tuataga, one of the best pass rushers in the game. With his dominating presence, Tuataga is set to wreak havoc on offensive lines and disrupt opponents’ strategies. The Aviators’ success this season will depend on the ability of their young players to step up and exceed expectations. If the younger generation can rise to the occasion and showcase maturity beyond their years, Cedar Valley has a chance to overcome the challenges and continue their pursuit of success.

Matthew Boyack


Skyline High had an underwhelming season last year, garnering only four wins despite having talented athletes on their roster. Unfortunately, the upcoming season doesn’t appear to promise significant changes. The team will face the challenge of replacing their quarterback and leading rusher, while also experiencing the loss of a star linebacker who transferred to Corner Canyon. Although the outlook may seem grim, there are still aspects that the Eagles can look forward to.

One bright spot for Skyline lies in their offensive line, as they retain standout lineman Matthew Boyack. Boyack is poised for a breakout season and will serve as an anchor for the offensive line, providing stability and leadership.

Defensively, the Eagles can be excited about the potential of young defender Jonah Sligting. Sligting is primed to have an excellent season, contributing to the team’s defensive efforts and making an impact on the field. Additionally, Rayce Walker Adams, entering his senior season, is a player to watch, showcasing his potential and talent throughout the upcoming games.

Overall, Skyline may face another underwhelming season, but there are glimpses of hope with key players on both sides of the ball. As the team navigates the challenges of rebuilding and filling key positions, there is potential for growth and improvement. While immediate success may not be guaranteed, the development and progress of individual players will be crucial in shaping the future of Skyline High football.


Maple Mountain is currently undergoing a significant cultural transformation, and while these rebuilding situations take time, there is a palpable sense of excitement surrounding the program. The appointment of Kalin Hall as the coach has ignited enthusiasm among the fans, and the players are eager to hit the field for the upcoming season. Rome was not built in a day, and similarly, the Golden Eagles understand that progress will take time. However, there are certainly exciting things to look forward to.

Offensively, Maple Mountain boasts the return of a couple of experienced quarterbacks, which bodes well for their performance. Additionally, the wide receiver position showcases the thrilling talents of Easton Merrell, who consistently delivers highlight-reel plays. Merrell’s ability to find the end zone will undoubtedly provide countless moments of excitement throughout the season.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Golden Eagles may have lost some of their leading tacklers, but they retain a standout pass rusher in Kavika Bringhurst. Bringhurst will need to step up and lead the defensive line, setting the tone for the rest of the defense. His presence and skills will be crucial in anchoring the team’s defensive efforts.

Overall, there is a noticeable shift in culture within Maple Mountain. While immediate success may not be guaranteed, the seeds of a winning program are being planted. The future holds promising possibilities, and as the team continues to develop under Coach Hall’s guidance, the Golden Eagles are steadily moving towards a bright era of winning seasons. Exciting times lie ahead for Maple Mountain football, as they embrace the journey of building a successful and resilient program.


The Highland Rams faced some challenges at the start of the previous season but managed to find their rhythm towards the latter part of the campaign. With a total of three wins and just one region win, it wasn’t the most successful season for them. Unfortunately, the upcoming season doesn’t seem to offer immediate improvement as their standout athlete, who played both quarterback and linebacker, Peizge Mailei, has transferred to Alta. Mailei was undoubtedly their most potent weapon in the previous season, and his absence will be felt on the field.

However, amidst the setbacks, Highland does have a silver lining in the form of several returning defensive players who should excite Rams fans. One such standout is Leo Esikia, a formidable defender known for his ability to accumulate tackles. Esikia’s presence on the field promises to make a significant impact in the upcoming 2023 season. Additionally, Highland can rely on the talents of Danny Tupua and Sefa Brown, two exceptional edge rushers who will pose a challenge for opposing teams. Their skill set and ability to disrupt the opposing offense can prove to be invaluable assets for the Rams.

Although defensive strength, particularly in the form of a solid defensive line, can have its advantages, the overall outlook for Highland appears to be another season of disappointment. While there may be bright spots throughout the team, the loss of their key athlete and the challenges they face suggest that it will be an uphill battle for the Rams. However, the unpredictability of sports often surprises us, and the Highland Rams might just find a way to overcome the odds and make their mark on the upcoming season.

Cyprus Pirates


Cyprus High, the Pirates, demonstrated glimpses of excellence last season, accumulating four wins. However, it remains uncertain whether they will experience a significant leap forward like some other programs. The departure of top recruit Ike Garcia to Corner Canyon and the loss of talented lineman Benson Kofe to Granger will undoubtedly be challenging blows for the team. Additionally, the graduation of impactful seniors adds to the roster turnover. Yet, there are bright spots for the Pirates. Their highly underrated quarterback, Skyler Armenta, possesses exceptional running skills, potentially making him one of the best running quarterbacks in the state. Spencer Speirs, a gritty receiver, brings back experience and reliability to the offense. On the defensive side, junior linebacker Uha Malekamu is expected to continue his development and contribute significantly. Safety Britton Jepsen’s return adds stability to the secondary. Overall, the Pirates have key returning players that offer hope, but the question remains whether it will be enough for them to contend with the challenges ahead.

Kenyon Paea


The Hunter Wolverines faced challenges last season, securing only two wins, and unfortunately, their upcoming season may present similar difficulties. A notable setback for the team was the departure of star pass rusher Ephraim Asiata, who transferred to Herriman. The Wolverines’ offense is undergoing significant changes from last year, with only Kenyon Paea returning as a familiar talent. Paea, an exceptional running back known for his power and aggression, will likely become the focal point of the Wolverines’ offense as they strive to remain competitive. However, replacing key players like Hemi Moleni and Karson Scanlan will undoubtedly be a difficult task. Overall, the Wolverines may face another challenging season, but they can find solace in the talent and determination of Kenyon Paea as they navigate through the upcoming campaign.

Cole Kramer


The Taylorsville Warriors are determined to change the narrative surrounding their program after a challenging stretch of seasons. While they may not be at the top of the list, there are clear signs of progress and a shift in the right direction. Last season, the team had a young squad, and the upcoming season is expected to showcase the maturation of these promising players. With quarterback Cole Kramer returning, the Warriors can expect improved performance as he hones his skills during the offseason. Additionally, the return of their leading rusher, Leland Ako, adds depth and experience to the offensive lineup. On the defensive side, the departure of star defender Jordan Karle will be felt, but there are several young players poised to step up and make their mark. The Warriors understand that building a winning culture takes time, and their commitment to improvement is evident. While they may not be at their peak just yet, Taylorsville is undoubtedly moving in the right direction and should be a team to watch as they strive to change their fortunes and establish a more successful era for the program.

Trace Hansen


The Clearfield Falcons are entering a crucial season as they look to rebound from a challenging year. After a winless campaign, the Falcons drop to the 5A division with hopes of turning their program around. However, it may be a tough road ahead as they face the task of replacing numerous starters from the previous season. With a considerable number of young players needing to step up, the team’s success will heavily rely on their ability to rise to the occasion. Amidst this transitional period, one bright spot for the Falcons is the presence of Trace Hansen, a standout defensive back with immense potential. Hansen’s skills and talent provide a glimmer of hope for the team’s defensive unit. While the upcoming season may not yield immediate results, it’s important to recognize that rebuilding takes time. Clearfield’s progress will likely be a gradual one, and it may take a few seasons before they start to see significant improvements. Nonetheless, with the right development and dedication, the Falcons have the potential to rise again in the future.

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