6A Season Preview

Rylan Quintana


Get ready for an intense and determined season with the Corner Canyon Chargers! After facing heartbreak in the title game twice, the Chargers have a fierce chip on their shoulders, and it’s championship or nothing for them this time around. Their talent is unmatched, making them a formidable force in the state.

Isaac Wilson, the returning quarterback, has shown impressive growth with each game, and he’s set to deliver mind-boggling performances this season. With lightning-fast Tate Kjar and the addition of Jerome Myles, a top receiver talent, Wilson will have no shortage of weapons at his disposal.

The running game will be a unstoppable due to having an outstanding offensive line that’s arguably the best in a lifetime, featuring Zion Finau, Ike Garcia, Paxton Naegle, and Naimana Filivaolelei, who could even be MVP contenders.

On the defensive side, while they may have some gaps to fill, the Chargers still boast a powerhouse of talent. Kash Dillon, an exciting edge rusher, is expected to return stronger than ever. With young linebackers Jackson Buehler and Rylan Quintana in the mix, along with the havoc-causing Baylor commit Bo Tate, transferred from Skyline, their defense remains formidable.

The Chargers are primed to reclaim their championship glory, with an unbeatable combination of talent, determination, and the desire to hoist that trophy at the end of the season. However, their path to victory won’t be easy, as they’ll have to contend with their fierce rivals, the Skyridge Falcons, who are equally determined to claim the title. Get ready for an exhilarating battle between these two powerhouse teams!

Jack Burke


Get ready for an electrifying showdown with the reigning champions, the Skyridge Falcons! After dominating last season and leaving a substantial gap between them and their competitors, the Falcons are back and ready to defend their title. This year’s competition is heating up, with a fierce rivalry emerging between the Falcons and the Chargers, promising an intense two-team race to the finish.

Skyridge may have lost their star quarterback to graduation, but they wasted no time in finding another exceptional talent in Jackson Stevens. With a stacked offensive line and the presence of Carter Sheffield in the backfield, their running game remains formidable.

On the receiving end, the Falcons boast an impressive group of weapons. Former quarterbacks Quezon Villa and Trent Call have been converted into receivers, adding to the all-state talent of La’a Kalama and the versatile Jack Burke.

Defensively, the Falcons faced departures, but they swiftly filled the gaps, as is characteristic of Skyridge. A notable transfer, Tavian Edwards from Wasatch, will be a game-changer at defensive back, alongside star Porter Buck Logan, making it nearly impossible for opponents to throw the ball effectively.

The defensive line will be a force to reckon with, featuring phenom DeShawn Toilolo and the formidable hole clogger Ian Mariner. Though young, the linebacker core brims with potential, with Jackson Fenton and Fotu Moeai poised to deliver lethal performances.

When the dust settles, expect the Skyridge Falcons to be one of the last two teams standing, vying for another championship in what promises to be an action-packed and thrilling season.

Jett Niu


The Lehi Pioneers enter the upcoming season with sky-high expectations after an incredibly successful and undefeated campaign, culminating in a thrilling state championship victory. Their winning culture has been firmly established, making them a formidable force that will be tough to beat. While they bid farewell to several talented players who are moving on to the next level, the Pioneers are confident in their young phenom quarterback, Jett Niu, who promises to be an exciting and flashy star on the rise. The offensive backfield boasts a powerful combination of Kolose Latu and Devaughn Eka, both presenting a plethora of talent and potential for big plays. Additionally, the return of tight end Grayson Brousseau and receiver Mays Madsen will offer strong offensive weapons for Niu.

The Pioneers have a talented and productive offensive lineup, including up-and-comer Bryton Niu, who is poised to make a significant impact. With a star-studded offensive line, the team possesses a solid foundation for success. Defensively, there are some departures, but the return of standout players like Alema Tamala, Paul Latu, and star defensive back Keni Latu provides optimism. As these young players step up and take on greater responsibilities, the Pioneers’ defense looks promising. Lehi has essentially reloaded, and their roster is still packed with talent that should keep them as an excellent team. As they embark on the new season, the Pioneers are undoubtedly a team to watch, with high hopes of continuing their winning ways and making another championship run.

Max Edwards


The Cavemen have put in the work and are poised for a breakout year that could rival even the top teams like Skyridge and Corner Canyon. With the talented new quarterback David Gaisford leading the charge and supported by capable running backs Jacob Eardley and Dax Watts, their offensive game is set to shine.

But that’s not all; Gaisford will have a formidable duo of tight ends in Jett Nelson and Josh Andrus, providing reliable targets on the field. The offensive line’s continuity ensures a strong foundation, making it tough for opponents to break through.

Defensively, American Fork boasts exciting talent in the form of Trey Roberts, an exceptional defensive back and one of Utah’s most promising recruits. Alongside linebackers Tyson Eggett and Max Edwards, the team has the firepower to stifle any running attempts.

Watch out for Waki Fulilangi at defensive tackle; he’ll make rushing the ball a daunting task for the opposition. Overall, American Fork’s inexperience from last season has transformed into pure dominance, making them one of the most thrilling teams to watch this year. Get ready for an exciting ride with the Cavemen!

Carson Sudbury


The Bingham Miners, the epitome of consistency and excellence in football, are gearing up for yet another impressive season. Year after year, they field a talented and formidable team, and this season is no exception. While the competition at the top may seem fierce, Bingham remains one of the best teams in the country. Despite losing their quarterback to graduation, they boast the incredible talent of running back Carson Sudbury, a D1 caliber player who is expected to lead the charge on offense. Excitement is also brewing for the Kaili twins, with Arona showcasing his skills at the quarterback position and Arami poised to be on the receiving end of his brother’s throws. The Miners’ offensive line, led by Nick Hallock, promises to provide a strong foundation for their success.

On the defensive side, Bingham is bolstered by star linebacker Tyson McBride, who is set to shine even brighter as the season progresses. Additionally, their defensive backfield is fortified with the return of Charger Doty, one of the state’s best. The Miners are set to be a formidable force on both sides of the ball, and their winning culture suggests they will dominate most of their games. However, the perennial juggernauts will pose a significant challenge, and only time will reveal if Bingham can overcome them and make a run for the ultimate glory. Regardless, Bingham is poised for another remarkable season, and their commitment to consistency and excellence will undoubtedly make them a force to be reckoned with on the gridiron.

Easton Wight


The Farmington Phoenix had an outstanding season last year, reaching the semi-finals and giving powerhouse Corner Canyon a run for their money. However, they face the challenge of losing more players than initially recognized. Despite this, their strength lies in the return of talented quarterback Easton Wight, who put on a remarkable show last season, racking up impressive stats. Alongside Wight, running back Travis Hoopes adds to the team’s potential, with a chance to become one of the best backs in the state. While the Phoenix did lose some standout offensive weapons, their solid “next man up” strategy and strong team culture will undoubtedly ensure a seamless transition. Tight end Dante Coats and weapon Dominic Coats will play crucial roles as key targets for Wight in the upcoming season.

On the defensive end, Farmington faces the challenge of replacing great linebackers and the early graduation of Dayton Runyan poses a significant blow. However, Coach Coats’ expertise and ability to develop a winning team give hope for their future. Despite the hurdles, the Phoenix have consistently fielded successful teams, and with a strong foundation in place, expectations remain high for next season. In Coach Coats, they trust, and with talented players like Easton Wight and Travis Hoopes leading the way, Farmington football is likely to continue their winning tradition and prove to be a formidable force in the state.

Matthias Nawahine


As the new season approaches, Lone Peak’s football team is poised to maintain its championship-driven mentality. Despite losing several key players, the Knights have a reputation for regenerating generational talent, and this year is no different. Their young signal caller, Jackson Blake, shows immense promise as an up-and-coming star. However, he will need to gain valuable experience as the season progresses. On the bright side, they have the advantage of returning one of the best running backs in the state, Brooks Wilde, whose bruising style is bound to improve their ground game significantly.

While the Knights may not have many returning offensive weapons, Trey Robinson emerges as a potential contributor that could provide a much-needed boost for Blake’s passing game. On the defensive side, they do face some departures, but there are still exciting players to watch out for. Safety Pono Ah Quin stands out as a great leader on the field, while defensive back Matthias Nawahine’s skills rank among the best in the state. Their defensive line will be hard to move with guys like Bott Muliato, who is bigger and meaner than a year ago.

Overall, Lone Peak will undoubtedly remain a strong team, living up to their championship aspirations. The key to their success lies in the young players stepping up and filling the void left by departing stars. If the younger players rise to the occasion and complement the existing talent, the Knights have a legitimate shot at being serious contenders for the 6A crown once again. The journey ahead promises to be thrilling for fans and enthusiasts alike as Lone Peak’s football program continues to uphold its storied legacy.

Jake Hopkins


The Syracuse Titans enter the upcoming season with a sense of determination and a chip on their shoulder, ready to make their mark on the field. With many vital pieces returning, the team is poised to build upon their successes from last year. The experience and poise of quarterback Jake Hopkins, entering his third season as a starter, will be a driving force for the Titans’ offense. His leadership and playmaking abilities will undoubtedly be key in guiding the team to success. Additionally, the return of star running back Kobe Bennett, who is considered one of the best in Utah, adds another dimension to their offensive firepower.

Hopkins will have an array of weapons at his disposal, with DJ Mayes and the addition of Jake Metcalfe, a transfer from Farmington, providing depth and versatility in the receiving corps. The Titans’ offensive line is expected to be a significant strength, giving the offense the protection and stability it needs to flourish.

On the defensive end, there are some departures that may create challenges, but the Titans have young talents ready to step up. Defensive lineman Hoyt Pula will play a pivotal role in disrupting opponents’ offensive lines, while star defensive back Riggin Hamblin is expected to be a key playmaker in the secondary.

Syracuse’s roster boasts a well-rounded team, making them a tough matchup for any opponent they face. While they may need some younger players to step up on the defensive side, the Titans have the potential to repeat as region champions and make a deep playoff run. With Hopkins’ experience and leadership, Bennett’s explosive running abilities, and a strong supporting cast, the Titans are well-positioned for another successful season. Fans and opponents alike should expect a highly competitive team that will be a formidable opponent week in and week out.

Semisi Kinikini


Get ready for an exhilarating season with Mountain Ridge’s Sentinels! After coming close to greatness last year, it seems their time has finally arrived. With the dynamic duo of quarterback Jaxson Reiser and the electrifying running back Semisi Kinikini, their offense promises to be efficient and thrilling. Adding to their arsenal is the rising star Kai Meza, whose potential knows no bounds.

On the defensive front, they boast a game-changing player, Taylor Higham, who is set to dominate the field this season. With edge rusher William Anderson’s impressive skills, they have a formidable duo that can disrupt any quarterback’s plans. The return of star defensive back Connor Priest further solidifies their defensive prowess.

The stage is set for Mountain Ridge’s Sentinels to have yet another triumphant season, and fans can expect to witness a team that’s both exciting and successful on both sides of the ball. Brace yourself for a thrilling journey as they aim for greatness!

Jordan Taula


The Davis High Darts had an impressive second half of the season last year, culminating in a great playoff run that ignited excitement among their fans. However, the upcoming season poses some challenges as they bid farewell to their star quarterback, Jackson Stevens, who has moved on to Skyridge. Additionally, the team graduated several key players, leading to some concerns about continuity and the need for new leaders to step up. Nevertheless, Davis has a proven track record of developing talent and consistently fielding winning teams, which gives their supporters hope for another successful campaign.

Despite the departure of Stevens, the Darts can rely on the return of their star running back, Josh Barker, to provide a much-needed offensive spark. Barker’s speed, agility, and knack for finding the end zone make him a formidable weapon in their backfield. With the offensive line working in tandem, the ground game should remain a strength, opening up opportunities for the passing attack under a new signal-caller.

On the defensive front, there are exciting prospects that promise to make an impact. Notably, Ami Moala, a transfer from Brighton, has generated quite the buzz as he joins the Darts’ roster. Moala is a highly promising defensive tackle capable of shutting down opponents’ run game, and his presence in the trenches could be a game-changer. Joining him is Jordan Taula, an explosive pass-rusher who will undoubtedly make a habit of getting to quarterbacks and disrupting their rhythm. The return of an undefeated linebacker in Jacob Faerber further bolsters their defensive prowess and adds stability to the unit.

While the offense may have some missing pieces, the Darts’ defensive lineup, with talents like Moala, Taula, and Faerber, promises to be a force to be reckoned with. This year, their success may hinge on how quickly their new quarterback adapts to the starting role and how effectively the coaching staff molds the team into a cohesive unit. As the season progresses, the Darts have the potential to become one of the better teams in the state, with a formidable defense that could carry them through tough matchups. Davis High is sure to be an exciting team to watch, and their fans can’t wait to see how they perform on the field this season.

Kael McCoy


Get ready for an exciting season of high school football as the Pleasant Grove Vikings make their mark once again. After surprising the football world last year, they return with a solid core and some key additions. While there may be a slight quarterback transition, the team’s experience in other positions will help maintain continuity.

Wade Christiansen, the efficient running back, is set to take on a more significant role this season, adding depth to the Vikings’ offensive arsenal. Joining him are the talented threats of Shawn Cottle and Kael McCoy, ensuring that Pleasant Grove has no shortage of weapons on the field. Notably, McCoy’s return will boost both their offensive and defensive capabilities, thanks to his prowess as a defensive back.

Defensively, the Vikings are set to dominate with the return of standout players such as linebackers Bronco Winterton and Trevyn Gates. Both athletes are poised to make an impact, having grown even stronger and more skilled since the previous season. The team also boasts rising stars like Gabe McCoy, Tu’alau Wolfgramm, and Ryker Mikkelsen, whose contributions will further elevate the Viking defense. Expect them to be one of the best defensive units in the state.

While Pleasant Grove possesses the potential to win or contend for any region title in a different region, they face a challenging road in the most talented region of the state. Nevertheless, with their experienced core and emerging talents, the Vikings are primed to showcase their skills and make a lasting impression in the upcoming season. Buckle up for a thrilling display of football as Pleasant Grove strives to leave their mark on the gridiron once again.

Easton Hicks


The Riverton Silverwolves enter the upcoming season with high expectations, following an impressive campaign last year that showcased their competitive spirit. While their season didn’t culminate in the desired outcome, the Silverwolves have plenty of reasons to be optimistic moving forward. Although they will need to fill the void left by their departed quarterback, the return of star running back Easton Hicks provides a significant boost to their offensive arsenal. Hicks, a tremendous athlete with explosive speed, possesses the ability to turn any given play into a game-changing moment. His vision, elusiveness, and breakaway speed make him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Furthermore, Riverton benefits from the return of other offensive weapons, such as Kanyon Williams and Derek Ratliff, who contribute to the team’s overall playmaking ability. Anchoring the offense is a strong and cohesive offensive line that excels at paving the way and opening up holes for the running game.

Defensively, the Silverwolves showcase promising talent, with linebacker Gage Watt leading the charge. Watt’s experience and skill set have grown over the years, and as he enters his senior season, he is poised to make an even greater impact. With his instincts, physicality, and ability to read plays, Watt is a force to be reckoned with on the defensive side of the ball. Joining him is pass rusher Brooks Hofhine, a disruptive presence who relentlessly attacks quarterbacks with tenacity and ferocity. His ability to apply pressure and disrupt opposing offenses will be crucial for the Silverwolves’ defensive success.

While Riverton boasts exciting pieces and notable talents, contending for a 6A crown may prove to be a challenging task. However, their potential, combined with the leadership of their key players, ensures an engaging and entertaining season ahead. The Silverwolves are determined to build upon their previous successes, using their experiences as fuel to push themselves to new heights. With a blend of athleticism, skill, and a competitive mindset, Riverton is prepared to take on any challenge that comes their way, eagerly pursuing victory and leaving a lasting impact on the gridiron.


The Fremont Silverwolves had a decent showing last season, particularly with an improved second half, which bodes well for their young team. While they do face the challenge of losing key players such as Christian Blanch and Braxton Young, they still possess a roster of talented individuals who should make them a tough opponent week after week. Slade Parker, the young and inexperienced quarterback, shows great promise and is destined to become a formidable player as he gains more experience.

In the backfield, Brigg Grange returns as a formidable ball carrier, providing a reliable option on the ground. Although they lose Young to Corner Canyon, Jace Hadley is expected to step up and become a significantly improved offensive weapon for Parker. On the defensive side, the return of linebacker Bubba Koford will be vital in leading the defense and determining their level of competitiveness. Additionally, the presence of Noah Austin in the defensive back position could prove to be beneficial.

Overall, forecasting this team is challenging due to the lack of continuity. However, they should find themselves in the middle of their region standings when all is said and done. The growth and development of their young players will be key factors in determining their success this season.

Freddie Ta’ai


The Herriman Mustangs enter the upcoming season with a sense of optimism after a challenging year that saw them accumulate only four wins. However, they have several reasons to believe they can improve their record this time around. One of their key assets is the underrated quarterback, Freddie Ta’ai, who possesses exceptional athleticism and a strong throwing arm, making him a dual-threat on the field. Although they will miss the talents of Mikey Falatea, who now plays for Utah Tech, Ta’ai will have Kaden Hansen as a reliable target, likely to play a more prominent role next season.

On the defensive side, the addition of star edge rusher Ephraim Asiata from Hunter could prove to be a significant season-defining acquisition. The return of star defensive back Holden McKell, known for his underrated tackling skills, along with linebacker Ty Carman, adds depth and leadership to the defensive unit. These players will need to step up and take charge if the Mustangs aim to win games consistently.

While challenging the 6A juggernauts may be a formidable task, the Mustangs have the potential to compete strongly against almost any other program. With improved performances and cohesive teamwork, Herriman can certainly look forward to a more successful season ahead.


The Weber Warriors are on the verge of an exhilarating turnaround as they prepare to embark on a new season. After a less than ideal performance last year, where they secured only three wins, the team is fueled by determination to rise above their previous struggles. While they may not yet be considered a top-ten team, the signs of progress are evident, and their time to shine is rapidly approaching.

One player who generates immense excitement is the dynamic wide receiver, Salesi Moa. With breathtaking athleticism and exceptional catching abilities, Moa consistently delivers electrifying performances on the field. His presence alone poses a significant challenge for opposing defenses and places him among the elite pass catchers in the state of Utah. Moa’s return to the team injects a surge of confidence and excitement, as the Warriors look to capitalize on his remarkable talents.

But Moa isn’t the only weapon in Weber’s arsenal. The team boasts additional playmakers in the form of Braylon and Dyson Parker, both possessing impressive speed and athleticism. Their contributions to the offense further solidify the team’s potential for explosive plays and scoring opportunities. With a dynamic trio like Moa, Braylon, and Dyson, the Warriors are well-equipped to keep defenses on their toes throughout the season.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Warriors faced the departure of some key players. However, they are not short on talent and potential replacements. A wave of young and emerging stars is poised to make their mark, ensuring a formidable defensive unit. With determination, hard work, and the guidance of experienced leaders, these rising stars have the opportunity to step up and shine.

Overall, there is a palpable sense of something special brewing within the Weber Warriors’ program. Their development season is firmly in the rearview mirror, and the time for tangible results has arrived. The team’s collective growth, coupled with the infusion of exceptional talent, sets the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead. As they set foot on the field, the Warriors are fueled by ambition, driven to transform their potential into victories. The excitement is building, and anticipation runs high as Weber aims to carve their path to success in the upcoming season.


Get ready for an electrifying season as the Westlake Thunder take the field once again. After a mediocre showing last year in the toughest region in the state, they now find themselves in a more manageable region, but it won’t be a walk in the park. However, with key players returning, there’s optimism in the air.

Aiden Bayless, the Thunder’s quarterback, is back and ready to showcase his refined skills, poised to lead the team with his experience. Alongside him, the talented tailback, Drake Youngberg, returns, adding depth to their offensive arsenal. Look out for Ezra Heiner, a star receiver, who is expected to have a breakout season, becoming Bayless’s go-to target.

Defensively, Westlake faced the departure of Jaxon Pilgrim, a generational player, but they have players with the potential to step up. Nusi Taumoepeau and Isaac Jenkins, linebackers on the team, are primed for significant improvement, contributing to a formidable defense. Additionally, keep an eye on Daniel Washburn, a valuable asset in the defensive back position.

While the Thunder possess talent across the field, it remains uncertain if they have enough to contend in the highly competitive 6A division. Nonetheless, expect an exciting season filled with thrilling moments as Westlake strives to make its mark in their new region.


The Layton Lancers have a reputation for fielding quality teams, and this upcoming season should be no exception. While they may be ranked lower on our list, we still anticipate a talented squad taking the field. Unfortunately, Layton will have to overcome the challenge of losing many key starters to graduation, including their quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. However, the Lancers have a track record of regenerating players and developing young talent, which bodes well for their future. One player to be excited about is tailback Porter Cannon, who made the most of his opportunities last season and is expected to carry the majority of the workload. Another weapon that could prove advantageous for whoever assumes the quarterback role is Easton McMillan.

On the defensive side, the Lancers will rely on young talent to step up. Keep an eye on edge rusher Jesse Chatelain, as he is set to make a significant impact, relentlessly pressuring quarterbacks. While Layton may face challenges, their resilience and ability to be in contention cannot be underestimated. Count on them to be a formidable team as the season progresses.

Nate Kitchen


Copper Hills, though finishing with only two wins last season, proved to be a team that exceeded expectations and demonstrated their resilience on the field. Despite their record, they were much stronger than it indicated. While they find themselves at the bottom of the list due to the absence of some 6A schools that fell to the 5A classification, they are by no means an easy opponent to face week in and week out. Copper Hills fans have reasons to be excited, particularly with the return of Nate Kitchen, one of the most exhilarating and hardworking running backs in the entire state. Kitchen’s relentless efforts and dedication promise to make him even better than last season.

Additionally, the team boasts underrated talent on both their offensive and defensive lines, with players like Kelemete Faasootauloa poised for breakout performances. On the defensive side, Donovan Arnold, an exciting edge rusher, is set to make his mark after dedicated training. While they may rank last on our list, Copper Hills is a team that could undoubtedly outperform many of the 5A squads. Expect them to bring their tenacity and passion to each game, making their presence known throughout the season.

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