1A North QB of the Year Finalists


Tyson Tucker will go down in the Bulldog history books as a state champion, and a terrific dual-threat quarterback. He is a great leader of men, and a terrific locker room guy. Tucker showed off his impressive breakaway speed and immaculate decision-making abilities. In total, he accumulated 33 touchdowns and well over 2,000 yards of total offense. There is no question his play this season qualifies him as a finalist to win quarterback of the year for his region.



Parker Crum is a no-brainer as a candidate for this award. He is a three-year starter who will go down in Duchesne history as a legend. He has accumulated accolades, trophies, and records. Crum was one of the most talented two-way quarterbacks the 1A classification has seen in recent memory. He is a generational type player, who will be greatly missed on the gridiron in Duchesne. Throughout his career, he has tallied nearly 100 touchdowns offensively, and is almost as impressive on the defensive side of the ball. What is most impressive is the way he and his team rallied this season despite a rough disappointing season last year. Crum is an obvious candidate for this award.



The Braves regular season was an impressive one. They were able to go 6-4 and double their win total from the season prior. The Braves are led by junior Jake Smith. Smith is a talented athlete who can beat defenders in a variety of ways. His greatest weapon is his ability to make people miss when he opts to run the ball. He can accelerate in a flash and has great vision when carrying the ball. Smith also has great touch when making throws down the field as well. Jake Smith has merely scratched the surface of what he is capable of, next season he will be bigger and better and will come in as one of the best signal callers in the classification.



The Eagles’ passing attack has been much more effective than anticipated this season. Generally, Millard is handcuffed to their run game due to a lack of success through the air. But, this season they were able to expand their offensive playbook due to the efforts of quarterback, Kaden Turner. His numbers won’t jump off the page, but his impact goes beyond the stats. Turner is a leader of men and an invaluable teammate. Much like Smith, Turner is only a junior and will have another attempt to improve and grow in his senior season. If Turner can clean up the turnovers he will truly give Millard the ability to become a legit title contender. He is a talented young man, with a high ceiling.

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