2022 Top 10 Defensive Backs

The position of Defensive Back is considered to be the most difficult position on the field to many. To be the best of this group is quite an accomplishment. Here are the top ten DBs of the 2022 season.

Cam Mamalis


Mamalis took pride in his ability to shut down an entire section of the football field. He also was one of the most outstanding tacklers in the state at his position. Ending the season with eighty-four tackles and a deep playoff run makes him eligible to be a top-ten defensive back this past season.

Elias Parkinson


At times the defensive back position can be hard to judge using statistics. This is not the case with Parkinson’s. He did it all on offense and defense and compiled stats as he did it. The Lancers are certainly going to miss his talents next season. They will also need to replace the 118 interception yards that he accumulated.

Saxon Higbee


Higbee was a member and a critical piece of one of the best defenses in recent memory. He created turnovers left and right and changed the momentum of games. He ended the championship run with seven interceptions and sixty tackles. The Falcons were overloaded with dawgs.

Kolbyn Jackson


Jackson is another great example of the talent that Corner Canyon seems to generate. He was a vital asset to a defense overshadowed by its star-studded offense. Jackson was a key member of an excellent defensive secondary. He notched four interceptions by the season’s end.

Brevin Hamblin


Hamblin and the Titans of Syracuse were a force in the 6A classification and got hot at the right time. Throwing it in Hamblin’s direction was always poor choice for opposing quarterbacks. Six interceptions helped his team make a deep postseason run.

Ruben Otuafi


The second Charger on this list Otuafi was a lockdown corner who was a big reason why Corner Canyon was able to return to yet another championship game. Otuafi was not targeted often due to his suffocating coverage. Him being a top five defensive back was not a hard choice.

Viliati Tua’one


Tua’one was a part of a West Panther Team that was seeping with three star potential players. He stood a part from the pack and ended the season as one of the top corners in the state of Utah. He was a headache for receivers and was near impossible to create separation against.

Dayton Runyan


Runyan is deserving of a top-five spot on this list. He led the Phoenix defense to the semifinals, where he showed out on the biggest stage. Runyan’s stock is at an all-time high. Recruits must have this kid on their radar.

Kadiyon Sweat


We discussed Sweat in our latest article and how much of a leader he is. Sweat could even make an argument for the number one spot on this list. Utah State is getting an absolute steal at the safety position.

Smith Snowden


Snowden is a versatile athlete that may be remembered as one of the best defensive stars we have seen. The Utah Utes might have a future All-American on their hands.

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  1. Did you guys mean Jarin Allen and not kolbyn jackson? Kolbyn only played 2 games and Jarin was the only other db besides Ruben on corner canyon with 4 ints

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