The Most Underrated Running Backs of 2022



Bennett was a part of an excellent Syracuse team with insane talent in many skill positions. At times Bennett was overshadowed by other elements of the offense when he probably should not have been. He is an elusive runner that gave the Titan offense some versatility and was a primary reason they were able to snag the region title crown. Without his efforts, his team would have had to found a way to replace his 700 yards on the ground and 11 touchdowns that he provided.



The Hunter Wolverines weren’t a flashy powerhouse of a team last season. They found a way to fade into the rest of the middle to bottom of the 6A classification. This makes it difficult to notice some raw talent that is there. Paea is a perfect example. Statically he was a juggernaut that accumulated rushing yards, nearly surpassing 800 yards. He also still has another year to show us what he is made of.

Easton Hicks


The name Easton Hicks may not be a name that you are familiar with. It is because he burst on to the scene rather abruptly. He was vital to Riverton’s success last season and was the definition of raw athleticism. He was new to the position of running back, but it did not take him long to figure it out, and even master it. He was part of the 1,000 rusher club and tallied up 7 touchdowns as well. Putting Hicks on this list was a no brainer.

Kyron Bracken

Bracken represents some of the smaller schools in Utah. He may have went to a small school, but played big. Enterprise has the best record in 1A going into the postseason and Bracken was the primary reason. The Wolves were unstoppable on the ground and could wear a defense down because of it. People do not realize that Bracken quietly was second in the state in rushing touchdowns with 20.

Mason Grover

Grover was injured in his junior year but came roaring back with authority last season. Much like Cedar Valley, Park City was full of underrated players. Their roster was loaded if you take the time to look over it. Grover was peak among them. He was a perfect combination of agility and power and ended the year averaging 86 yards a game. Outside of Park City, Grover is never being talked about, which is a travesty.

Carson Sudbury


It is difficult to be overlooked when you attend a school like Bingham. There is no argument that the Miners are a household name in Utah. But, strangely enough, Sudbury fit the criteria of being underrated. He has been overlooked by myself and others which is strange considering the fact that was in the endzone 16 times. He is also a junior and will light up the state next year.

Jamison Harward


Hayward was the lifeblood of the Provo Bulldog offense in 2022. He fueled them to a winning season and was a major part of a successful run game. He was a hair under 1,000 yards and found the endzone ten separate time. He was a beast and a headache to bring down. It is unfortunate we do not get to see him again next season. Scouts need to watch Harward’s film and make him an offer.

Brevin Egbert


Egbert represents the 4A classification and deserves to be on this list. Sky View hasn’t been entirely up to their standards the last couple of seasons, and perhaps that is why a player like Egbert could be a player that slips through the cracks. Whatever the reason, it needs to come to an end. Luckily, Egbert will be returning for his senior year next season to turn heads. I feel he will help Sky View get back to their pattern of excellence in the postseason.

Ayden Bradshaw


Beaver is known for its brutally efficient rushing scheme. Generally they spread the ball around to a variety of highly skilled runners. This past season was no different. But, there was one back that stood above the pack. That running back was Ayden Bradshaw. He was a violent runner that made tacklers make business decisions and take a play off.

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